Every Bafasports virtual race you complete brings you and the community closer to unlocking awesome prizes from our partners.  See FAQ and Leaderboard below for details.

🥇Medals for All  📱 Virtual Race 💰 Cash Prizes 👕 Tshirt Included

Runners Rewards Leaderboard (Season 2)
(km unlocks rewards)

FAQ – Runners Rewards

What is the promotion period for Runners Rewards?
Season 1 (The 30,000 KM Challenge) ran from August 1st 2020 to February 16 2021. See the Season 1 results here.

The current season (the 100,000 KM Challenges) runs from Feb 17th to  July 31st 2022

How do I participate?
Every BAFA race you complete automatically brings you closer to rewards. No additional action is necessary. Sign up for available races at https://bafasports.com/ and rise for your prize!

Individual Rewards – What are the milestones needed to unlock them?
100 km = Complimentary BAFA race entry (∞)
200 km = iCare Reusable Water Bottle (25/25)
300 km = Starbucks Collectible Water Bottle (50/50) 
400 km = Medal Rack (10/10)
Trophy (Top 3 Male, Top 3 Female at the end of the promotion)

Lots more to come!

Community Rewards & Grand Prizes – How are they unlocked?
Community rewards are released when the total distance of all participants reaches the indicated milestones such as 50,000 km and 60,000 km, etc. At that point, lucky participants will be randomly selected. Importantly, the more kilometres an individual has to their name, the greater the chance of being selected! 1km = 1 entry.

Milestones for this season’s community rewards are as follows:

50,000 km = Medal Racks (Courtesy Golden Stars Trading)
60,000 km = Gym Memberships
70,000 km = Running Shoes
80,000 km = Garmin GPS Smart Watches
90,000 km = Something Very Exciting!
100,000 km = TT$10,000 Amazon Shopping Spree (courtesy Trinebox)

How often are the rankings updated?
Once a week

My company is interested in being a part of the Runners Rewards promotion, how can we get involved?
Partnership inquires can be sent to races@bafasports.com