Diane’s 60 Miles in 6 Days

Support Diane as she runs/rides 60 Miles in 6 Days in honour of the late (and great) Anthony “Tony” Harford. This charity event raises funds for underprivileged athletes, a cause which was truly dear to his heart.

A legendary sports administrator, Tony was simultaneously known for his kindness and generosity. He had a tremendous passion for sport and the development of youth, giving freely of time and money in the pursuit of both. Charity was intrinsic to the man and this event seeks to continue that philanthropic legacy.

Amount raised in TTD$
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Athlete Profile
Name: Diane Henderson
Age: 59 (Turning 60 during the run/ride!)
Occupation: TTOC Vice President, TTMC Chairman


  • 2x Full IM 140.6
  • 2x Half IM 70.3
  • National Duathlon Champion
  • 100 mi. Ultramarathon 2014
  • 3 x finisher Coast to Coast Multisport event
  • Several Triathlons and Marathons

How do I track Diane’s progress?

Diane will provide updates on her progress via Social Media

How can I support?

Choose your contribution amount to aid in the fundraising for underprivileged athletes ($100, $250, $500 and $1000, $2000 and up). All proceeds go towards the charity.

No Credit Card? No problem

Pay via the online bank transfer option (included below) or visit a WiPay Partner to purchase a TopUp Voucher with cash.

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