ATHLETE GUIDE – Kiss National 5K, TTIM Half Marathon & Carnival Marathon

The Marathon Committee and sponsors of the Trinidad and Tobago International Marathon welcome you to our race.  We pride ourselves in having the oldest event of its kind in the Caribbean.  You, the participant, whether you are an elite athlete or a back-of-the-pack finisher, are our number one concern.  We want you, in spite of the demands of the marathon, to enjoy yourself, to be as comfortable as is possible in an event as grueling as this one. 

The RULES OF THE RACE, as outlined below, are intended to further this aim.  In order that the race may be conducted in accordance with the rules of the local NAAA and the World Athletics, you are requested to READ THEM CAREFULLY, and ensure that on race day you comply with them in order to avoid disqualification or embarrassment. Abide by the rules and have a great race! 


1.Registration fees must be paid online and entries completed by Sunday 22 January, 2023

Athletes who fail to complete registration online by this date will not be allowed to enter the race.

Race Bib collection will be over two days for North from Thursday 26 to Friday 27 January 2023 at TT Olympic Committee (TTOC) office 104 Woodford Street, POS 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.   For East on Friday 27 January 2023 at Bodyglow Trincity Mall 11:00 am to 6:00 PM and South on Friday 27 January 2023 at Trinebox, #109 Rushworth Street, San Fernando 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

If you were unable to visit one of the designated locations, you can collect your bib at the administrative tent at the race village on Saturday from 3:00 pm and Sunday from 3:00 am

Confirmation number and ID is required to collect your or a friend’s package.

2. PRIZES will be awarded as follows:

5K – Top 3 Male and Female, Top 1 Age Group by KISS

Early Start Marathon – No Prizes

Carnival Marathon – Top 5 Male & Female, Top 1 Age Group

Half Marathon – Top 3 Male & Female, Top 1 Age Group

Athlete’s age will be calculated as “age on race day”.

3. You will be assigned a race number which you must wear at all times during the race.  The number MUST BE PINNED TO THE FRONT OF YOUR VEST.  Failure to display your number at any point in the race could lead to instant disqualification.  NUMBERS MUST NOT BE CUT, ALTERED OR SEPARATED IN ANY WAY.  At the finish line allow officials to REMOVE the bib tab at the bottom, follow instructions.

4. Walkers and slow runners will start at 3:30 a.m. DUE TO THE DARKNESS PARTICIPANTS ARE REQUESTED TO EXERCISE EXTREME CAUTION ON THE ROUTE.  All athletes with an estimated time LESS than 4:30 hours must enter the main event, which starts at 5:00 AM.

5. You must check in at the START-LINE registration desk at least 30 minutes before the start of your race.  This is located west of the Grand Stand, Queens Park Savannah (opposite TGIF).  Digital timing will be used via strip on your numbers. Failure to collect your race bib prior to race day will disallow you from starting the race.

6. The marathon course is exactly 26.2 miles (42.195 km).  A map of the course has been advertised. You are asked to familiarize yourself with it.  Referees will be placed at strategic points along the course, and video cameras will record participants at random points along the course.  If your number fails to show up at any of these checkpoints, you risk disqualification.  There will also be a timing device at the turnaround point in Arouca, all marathoners must turn here, otherwise you will face disqualification.

The marathon route with mile markers indicated. 

7. The half marathon course is exactly 13.1 miles (21.0975 km). A map of the course has been advertised. As above. Your turnaround is situated at Gordon Street, Petit Bourg. Turn from left to right, keeping to the left side of the road after turning. Allow elite or fast marathoners to pass on your right on the return to Port of Spain.

The Half Marathon Route 

8. The 5K course is exactly 3.12 miles (5 km). A map of the course has been advertised. The race begins at the St. Anns roundabout, near the Sparrow Statue and proceeds in a southerly direction, making one lap around the Queen’s park savannah and continuing until the finish line located opposite victoria avenue (TGIF). Note, the starting line is approximately half a mile away from the finish line where the race village is located. It is recommended to arrive early to park at the finish and walk to the starting line.

The 5K Route

(Photo of Sparrows Statue, located on the St. Anns roundabout)

9. At the start those marathoners and half marathoners who require a bag can leave clothing or belongings at the Bag Tent.  PLEASE, DO NOT PUT ANY VALUABLES IN YOUR BAG!  ORGANISING COMMITTEE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE LOSS OF VALUABLES PLACED IN THESE BAGS.  At the finish line, your bag will be given to you upon presentation of your race number.

9. At the start line, elite athletes will be given front line preference by Marshals.  The races will be started by pistol or horn at 5:00 AM, the Half Marathon follows at 5:30 AM. The early Start participants set off at 3:30 AM Sharp. The 5K starts on the Saturday, 26 of January at 4:00 PM.

10. Once on course, keep to the left of the road, and watch out for vehicles.  Although sections of the course are closed to vehicular traffic, caution should be exercised at all times. 

In light of previous use of the Priority Bus Route, and following the COVID-19 Pandemic the organisers sought it wise to use a closed loop course for the athletes safety and control.  As such kindly pay attention to directional signs and marshalls on the course.   The PBR will be closed to vehicular traffic all the way to the Railway road Arouca in the east and by the Market before heading into South Quay, Port of Spain.

11. There will be WATER at the start and finish and water stations every mile starting at the 3-mile mark.  Early walkers are encouraged to carry water for the first few miles until the first water stop. There will also be two (2) GATORADE replacement fluid stations, the first at approximately mile 14 and the second at Mile 19. Marathoners are advised to drink a little at ALL stations to avoid dehydration. 

12. The course will be marked in MILES.  Markers will be placed on the left side on the roads/streets. There will also be Red directional signs to guide you.


14. In accordance with NAAA and World Athletics rules, participants are warned that PACING IS NOT PERMITTED.  If any athlete is suspected of being paced by another non-registered runner/s, or by cyclist/s, he/she will be warned by race officials to desist.  Failure to comply could lead to disqualification.  Supporting vehicles are not allowed on the course BY LAW, and are discouraged as they can obstruct other runners on the course.

15. Only persons who have completed the entire race on foot must enter the marathon chute at the finish line.  All finishers will receive a medal, however only those crossing the finish line with the timing chip and considered completing the course will be eligible for prizes.

16. The following facilities will be available at the Finish: major medical station, rest tent, refreshment bar, and toilets.  Massage therapists will be provided for marathoners and half marathoners only.

17. Results will be reviewed for queries prior to prize presentation.  The top 5 male and top 5 female finishers of the marathon will be requested to present themselves at the stage area for a formal presentation. Prize presentation will be held on race day. Age group prizes will also be presented on the day. Full results will be available after verification by the day’s end. Participants can visit www.ttmarathon.com to view results.

18. Reports of irregularities or queries about your placing should be made on race day to Anthony Stroude 776 1862, Timing Coordinator. Any results announced on race day will be considered provisional until all queries are entertained, and a full report is submitted by the Chief Course Referee.

19. The course will be closed at 11.30am.  Athletes whose progress during the race indicates that they will finish well after 11.30 am will be so advised by race officials.  SHOULD YOU DECIDE TO CONTINUE, THE ORGANISERS CANNOT GUARANTEE SUPPORT PERSONNEL (e.g. Police, TEAM, medical personnel, water stations).

20. “Disclaimer – By my registration, I acknowledge that a road race is a potentially hazardous activity, which could cause injury or death. I certify that I am medically able to perform this event. I agree to abide by any decision of a race official, including the right of any official to deny or suspend my participation for any reason whatsoever. I assume all risks associated with running in this event, including but not limited to: falls, contact with other participants, the effects of the weather, traffic and the conditions of the road. Having read this waiver, I, for myself and anyone entitled to act on my behalf, waive and release the Trinidad and Tobago Marathon Committee (TTMC), Bafasports, all event sponsors, their representatives and successors from all claims or liabilities of any kind arising out of my participation in this event. I grant permission to all of the foregoing to use my photographs, motion pictures, recordings or any other record of this event for any legitimate purpose. There are no refunds. If however, you are not in agreement with the above, email races@bafasports.com to cancel your registration”.