Give your friends, family, or colleagues the gift of running and walking with our special Bafasports Gift Race Vouchers!

It’s all about sharing the love for staying active, supporting charities, and earning awesome medals.

This voucher is perfect for new and seasoned runners and walkers! They can use it to sign up for their preferred in-person or virtual race event(s).

Spread the happiness of running and fitness by giving this gift race voucher!

Bafasports Gift Race Vouchers

1 Race Gift Voucher: Purchase now!

Bafasports 3 Races Gift Voucher: Purchase now!

How to Use the Gift Vouchers

The Bafasports Gift Vouchers retain their validity until February 29th, 2024, and are non-refundable as well as non-transferable. Kindly note that additional terms and conditions are applicable.

  1. Upon your purchase of the Bafasports Gift Voucher(s), an email will be sent to you within 24 to 72 hours, containing your unique coupon code(s). This code will allow you to redeem your voucher(s) for the races of your choice on the Bafasports website.
  2. To apply your coupon code(s), make sure to add your desired race(s) to your cart during checkout on the Bafasports website.
  3. Simply input your coupon code(s) in the designated field.

    Need help with this step? Watch the instructional video below for guidance on how to enter coupon codes.

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