Name: Michelle
Nickname: MJ
Favorite Distance(s): 5K,8K & Half Marathon
Longest Distance Completed: 26.3 mi.
Greatest Accomplishment: Completing my first marathon in October 2021
Favorite Bafasports Medal: Magnificent 70 Miles Connecting Medals
Favorite terrain (track, trail or road?): Road
Love hills? Yes!
Typical breakfast: Oats
Morning or evening runs? Morning
Favorite Shoe: Altra Escalante
Favorite Quote: “Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you will land among the stars” -Les Brown

Name: Jeunesse
Nickname: Jan or JW
Favorite Distance(s): 10k (Distance for most training runs)
Longest Distance Completed: 18.12 mi.
Greatest accomplishment: Fusion Virtual 7
Which Bafasports Medal is your favorite: Smash Childhood Cancer
Favorite terrain: Trails
Love hills? Not really, but it makes you stronger, faster
Typical breakfast: peanut butter & cheese sandwich
Morning or Evening Runs? Morning (covid changed me)
Favorite Shoe: Adidas, I’m a three stripes girl
Favorite quote: “I chose running as my therapy” Dean Karnazes

1 mi: 7:07
5K: 23:40
10K: 48:42
Half: 1:50:22
Full: Still loading

2022 Goal: 26.2 mi

Name: Jason
Nickname: “shuggy”
Favorite Distance(s): any distance really. Sprint, olympic or 70.3 triathlon (half ironman). Its all what you make of it. This is until I complete a full ironman.
Longest Distance Completed: 70.3 mile triathlon, 50 mile run, 130 mile cycle on a home trainer while attempting Veveresting challenge on zwift
Greatest accomplishment: waking up every day 🙂
Which Bafasports Medal is your favorite: All
Favorite terrain (road, trail, track, beach): All. But may give the edge to some mountain bike trails.
Love hills? Of course.
Typical breakfast: coffee.
Morning or Evening Runs? Both. Why choose one.
Favorite Shoe: work shoes jk. Addidas ultra boost
Favorite quote(s): “You’re here for a good time, not a long time.”
“If In doubt, flat out”

1 mi:
5K: 18.30 mins
10K: 36.40
Half: 1hr28mins
Full: never did a full marathon

2022 Goal: survive, stay healthy, and keep everyone wondering when will I slow down.

Name: Clarence
Nickname: K
Favorite Distance(s): 26.2 miles
Longest Distance Completed: 50 k
Greatest accomplishment: consistently doing over 3000 k annually
Which Bafasports Medal is your favorite: Magnificent Seven
Favorite terrain? Road
Love hills? Yes
Typical breakfast: Oats and Farine; Eggs; Mocha
Morning or Evening Runs? both
Favorite Shoe: No lace Reebok
Favorite quote: I love being me


5K: 34 mins
10K: 75 mins
Half: 2 hours 37 mins
Full: 6 hours 5 mins

2022 Goal: 4500 kilos

Name: Nigel
Nickname: Trini Xaeno
Favorite Distance(s): 400m, 5K
Longest Distance Completed: 27.6 mi.
Greatest accomplishment: Winning 1st Place in the Fathers Race at my Son’s school. He was so proud.
Which Bafasports Medal is your favorite: Land of Carnival
Favorite terrain? Track
Love hills? No!
Typical breakfast: Oats and water
Morning or Evening Runs? Morning
Favorite Shoe: Altra
Favorite quote: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” -Edmund Burke

1 mi: 5:30
5K: 20:47
10K: 51:23
Half: 1:58:42
Full: 5:51:06

2022 Goal: 20 Minutes 5K!

Name: Damian Luk Pat
Favourite Distance(s): 5K & 7K
Longest Distance Completed: 13Km
Greatest accomplishment: 13km Walk from Maracas Pillars to Maracas Bay
Favorite Bafasports Medal: Rotaract Virtual 5K in Jan 2021 – my first medal
Favourite terrain? Road & Trail mixed
Love hills? Yes I like hills but only for the view
Typical breakfast: Peanut Butter or Eggs with Whole Grain Toast
Morning or Evening Runs? Evenings
Favourite Shoe: Brooks Ghost
Favourite Quote: “Think Positive, Be Positive, & Positive Things will Happen.”

5K 55:00
13KM: 2:45:00

2022 Goal: Walk a Half Marathon Distance

Name: Nigel
Nickname: Hawkeye
Favorite Distance(s): 10km, Half Marathon
Longest Distance Completed: 26.52 mi.
Greatest accomplishment: Competing and completing my first ever Marathon in Dec 2020 for the Bafasports Mag70+ Runner’s Edition (Mills Fleurs)
Favorite Bafasports Medal: Junky Redd 5k Ham & Hops Breakfast Run 2020
Favorite terrain: Trail
Love hills? Yes!!!! With an immense passion! Did I say “YES!”……..Just wanted to make sure.
Typical breakfast: Punch made with Pumpkin, banana, rolled oats, chia seeds, flax seeds, Almonds, Pecans, Walnuts, Turmeric spice, cinnamon spice and nutmeg spice.
Morning or Evening Runs? Morning runs.
Favorite Shoe: Nike Flex Contact
Favorite quote: “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.” – From the eternal great……Muhammad Ali

1 mi: 0:07:48
5K: 0:27:39
10K: 1:01:49
Half: 2:24:28
Full: 7:11:51

2022 Goals: Lose 15lbs of body weight, sub-8mins 1 mile (done), sub-28mins 5km (done), a new PB for 10km, half-marathon and full marathon.

Name: Roger
Nickname: Lion
Favorite Distance(s): 5K, 10k
Longest Distance Completed: 27.1 mi.
Greatest accomplishment: Winning 1st place BafaSports Runners Rewards 2020 & 2nd Place Rainbow Cup Try ah Tri
Favorite Bafasports Medal: Tie between Run Pres & Soroptimist
Favorite terrain: Open Air Road
Love hills? Nope
Typical breakfast: Eggs and Vegetables
Morning or Evening Runs? Morning
Favorite Shoe: Asics
Favorite quote: “The secret of happiness is not doing what one likes but liking what one has to do.”
Author: Unknown

1 mi: 9.87
5K: 28.30
Full: 6:00:30

2022 Goal: 27 minute 5K!

Name: Joel
Favourite Distance: 5K
Longest Distance: 26:2 mi.
Greatest accomplishment: 1 Savannah lap race 12:57 May 16th 1987
Favourite Bafa Medal: Get Moving TTO 5K
Favourite Terrain: Flat
Love hills: Yes at times
Typical Breakfast: oats & smoothies
Morning or Evening Runs? Morning runs
Favourite Shoe: Nike
Favorite Quote(s): “Failure will never overcome me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.”

“Don’t kill a dream, execute it”

1 mi: 5:80
2.2 mi: 12:57
5K: 18:55
10k: 41:24
Half: 1hr 33:21
Full: 3hr 21min-1987

2022 Goal: Get fit & lose 12 lbs

Name: Kimberley
Nickname: Wonder Woman
Favorite Distance: 4 miles
Longest Distance: 12k
Greatest Accomplishment: Ride from Savannah to Valencia and back
Favorite Bafasports medal: Every one
Favorite terrain: Road
Love hills? Yes always a challenge
Typical breakfast: Eggs / healthy granola and fruit
Morning or evening runs? Morning for sure
Favorite shoe: Saucony
Favorite quote: You may encounter many defeats but you must not be defeated. In fact it may be necessary to encounter the defeats so you can know who you are, what you can rise from , how you can still come out of it

2022 Goal: To keep on going, keep challenging myself to become stronger, healthier and to never give up. To get back up each time life throws me down

Name: Fiona
Nickname: Fi
Favorite Distance(s): Not sure yet . Will have a go at most
Longest Distance Completed: 30km
Greatest accomplishment: Triathlon in 2015, UWI half marathon 2019
Which Bafasports Medal is your favorite: All
Favorite terrain: Road
Love hills? Nope
Morning or Evening Runs? Morning
Favorite Shoe:
Favorite quote:

5K: around 40 mins
10K: 1.28ish
Half: 3.18ish

2022 Goal: complete a marathon distance.