Salto 5K

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Why do I have to run?

Salto Gymnastics Club brings the beauty, elegance and discipline of gymnastics to the youth of the Mayaro-Manzanilla area. Widely respected as a foundation sport, gymnastics provides a launchpad for aspiring youth to strive for excellence and attain their true potentials.

Where  do I have to run?


What do I have to run?

5 Kilometers

When do I have to run?

Anytime before the event deadline of July 31st, 2020

How do I track my run?

When you sign up, we will provide you with an easy to install app that will track the distance with your smartphone.


No Credit Card? No problem

Feel free to visit your nearest WiPay Partner to purchase a TopUp Voucher, please see race price for voucher value.

Click the voucher below for a list of locations:

How do I show my support on Social Media?

Just simply tag your pictures with #salto5k #bafasports to show your support for the cause.

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