Beach Mile Runners Rewards Edition

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Completing this virtual race adds 1.6 kilometres to your Runners Rewards ranking, increasing your chances to win a six thousand dollar Amazon shopping spree (courtesy Trinebox) and a Treadmill from Mad Montrichard.

Where  do I have to run?
By any beach/body of water! (Las Cuevas, Chaguarmas Board Walk, Los Iros, Maracas, Mayaro, Clifton Hill, Pigeon Point, etc…)

What do I have to run?
A distance of 1 Mile

When do I have to run?
Anytime before the extended deadline of December 31st 2020

Why do I have to run?
Part proceeds goes towards the #IamIslandClean Scenic Cleanup Campaign which seeks to remove rubbish from coastal, nature trails and other places of beauty around the country.

How do I track my run?
When you sign up, we will provide you with an easy to install app that will track the distance with your smartphone.

No Credit Card? No problem
Feel free to visit your nearest WiPay Partner to purchase a TopUp Voucher, please see race price for voucher value.

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